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Spring Manufacturer

We are manufacturer in Ningbo,china, which provide custom-made springs, torsion springs, extension spring, compression spring antenna, battery springs, abnormity springs, coil spring,Disc spring,Die spring,Conical spring,Special shaped spring,rotary drill pipe spring,engineering machinery springs,elevator springs and other special spring, etc.

We are pleased to receive any inquiry from you.Due to our good services, stable quality and fast delivery, many customer stick to us for many years.

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Please send us sample or drawings in (2D or 3D) and other informations,such as

1.Type of Material:
2.Wire Diameter:
3.Outside Diameter: and Inside Diameter:
4.Body Length: Number of Coils:
5.Leg Lengths:
6.Free angle in degrees:
8.Wind Direction:
11.Other information that is not required but helpful if known:

Office address :
NO.717 Zhongxing Road,Jiangdong District,Ningbo,China .

Factory address:
Longshan Town, Cixi city, Ningbo, China
Beilun district, Ningbo, China

Business hours:
Except holidays, our business hours are Monday through Saturday.
Monday to Friday: from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm( Two shifts)
On Saturday: from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm
Please feel free to contact us any time for custom metal springs or wire Forming projects.

Travel Information:
Shanghai Pudong International Airport;
Hangzhou International Airport;
Ningbo Lishe International Airport