Compression Springs

Compression Springs

The compression springs is under pressure to the spiral spring, in which the material section is round, rectangular and is also useful multi strand steel rayon coiled spring, generally for pitch, compression spring shapes: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a small amount of non circular, have the gap between the ring and the ring compression spring, spring shrinkage deformation when subjected to external load, deformation energy storage.

Custom-Made Compression Springs

Compression springs Feature

The compression spring provides a resistance force to the pressure of the external load. A compressed spring is usually a metal wire, such as a pitch coil, and a fixed line diameter. The use of a compression spring more open coil external load pressure (such as gravity pressing wheel, or the body pressure in the mattress) power supply resistance. That is, they are pushing back to resist external pressure. A compressed spring is usually a metal wire, such as a pitch coil, and a fixed line diameter. In addition, there is a conical compression spring, or a conical and linear combination of springs. According to different applications, compression springs can be used to resist pressure or storage of energy. A circular wire is the most commonly used compression spring, but it also has a compressed spring made from a square, rectangular, and specially shaped wire.

Compression Spring Parameter

The meaning of each representative in the above formula is:
G = shear modulus of elasticity [MPa, psi] (G value is: steel wire 8000, stainless steel 7200)
D = line diameter [mm, in]
N = effective coil number [-]
D = center diameter [mm, in]
K = spring coefficient [N/mm, lb/in]
This formula is the formula for calculating the stiffness of the spring. The stiffness multiplied by the working stroke is equal to the working force of the spring [2].
Through the upper form, we can draw that the parameters of the compression spring must be composed of material, line diameter, center diameter, effective circle number, total length of spring, working height and demand strength. If a spring is not specially required for strength, it does not provide the parameters of the working height of the spring and the strength of the demand.


The compressed spring steel spring is used for all types of motor, motor, etc., as it is the type of spring required. The load is acted on them or their ends are compressed. The design of the compression spring is compressed, and the design attempts to return the spring to the original shape, so that the load is pushed back.
Main applications: medical breathing equipment, medical mobile equipment, manual tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, engine valve spring.

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