Torsion Springs

The torsion springs belongs to the spiral spring. The ends of the torsion spring are fixed to other components. When other components rotate around the center of the spring, the springs will pull them back to the initial position to produce torque or rotary force. The torsion spring can store and release angular energy or rotate the force arm around the middle axis of the reed to statically fix a device. These springs are usually close to the body, but there is a pitch between the reed rings to reduce friction. They produce resistance to rotating or rotating external forces. According to the application requirements, the rotating direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) of the torsion spring is designed to determine the rotation of the spring. Each circle or close around or separate around, can ‘(with torsion load spring axis at right angles). The end of a spring can be twisted into a hook or straight twist arm.

Torsion Springs Design

Torsion spring 1

Torsion spring is extreme variants of spring, from single to double torsion spring torsion spring shaped torsion spring, and the torsion bar deformation in molding design. Therefore, it is also difficult to master the necessary material for the torsion spring in the design.
(1) free length.
(2) control diameter: (a) outer diameter, (b) inner diameter, (c) inner diameter of the casing, or the outer diameter of (d) through the circular rod.
(3) wire size “line diameter”.
(4) material (type and grade).
(5) the number of cycles: (a) the number of the total circle and (b) dextral or left-hand.
(6) torsional force: the number of pounds that deflects to a certain angle.
(7) the maximum deflection (from the angle of the free position).
(8) the form of the end. [1]
Please indicate: material diameter (d), outer diameter (D), twist arm length (L), free height (Lo), and other geometric dimensions, such as T 1 T 2… T J) and the corresponding torsion angle and the corresponding (only)

Material of Torsion Spring

carbon spring steel wire;Piano wire;Stainless steel wire for spring;Silicon green copper wire;Si Mn spring steel wire;Hot rolled spring steel;SWC:45#,70#,65#Mn;JIS:SUP G 4081; SW G 3521; SWP G 3522;SUS—WH G 4309; BsW H 3521 ;HSWS H 3721;PBW H 3751; BeCuW H 3803 ;Kos:SUS304; SUS306; SUS316/631;KLS:SWP-A/B ;SWPA/B/C;DSR:SUS-304BR; SUS-304-Co ;SUS-316;SUS63151;SWP-A/B;SW-A/BC; Nickel plated carbon line (NI-SWC);Nickel plated steel wire harp ;flat wire ;square wire and so on.


A torsion springs is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. It is usually made of spring steel. The size is used to control the mechanical movement, easing impact or vibration, energy storage, power measurement is widely used in computer, electronics, household appliances, instruments, cameras, door, car, motorcycle, harvester, etc. industries. The main production equipment: digital control multifunctional computer spring machine, automatic spring coiling machine, spring grinding machine, heat treatment equipment, large coil spring production line, quality testing instrument.

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