Die Springs

Die Springs

The die springs is also called the rectangular spring, because the section of the material is rectangular, so it is called the rectangular spring.
The die springs is the spring brand produced by the United States union spring company, and the United States spring company is the largest precision spring manufacturer in the world. The rectangular springs are famous for many years with stable performance. The rectangle spring is very suitable for occasions with high load and limited space. It is designed for holes or for axle and meets the requirements of high speed compression and overweight load.

Die Springs Material

The material is usually to be Alloy. The high quality chromium alloy steel die spring product has the largest bearing capacity and longer service life. The material is used to combine the spring steel SV9254, chrome silicon alloy rectangular steel wire and grind.
Texture of material SAE6150 -750, INCONEL INCONEL, chrome vanadium steel -718, Nimonic 90, Nimonic 90.
temperature range -46 C ~ 300 C

Die Springs

Outer diameter range:6 millimeter -100 millimeter
Range of load:15N-5 million N
The use of ambient temperature is based on a variety of materials:-46 C ~ 300 C
Maximum fatigue life times:4 million times
OD = outer diameter
L = free height (for reference only)
L1 = working height (minimum working length)
D = line diameter
Sh = height in a fixed state (estimate)
Load load under P = L1


Die springs are widely used in stamping dies, metal die casting dies, plastic moulds and other elastic motion precision machines
Machinery and equipment, automobile and other fields. The quality surpasses the customer’s request, greatly reduces the customer’s production risk caused by the use of the inferior spring, improves the production efficiency and saves the operation cost.

Custom Spring Service

As a professional spring manufacturer, we offer custom spring service according to drawing and sample.

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