Disc spring

Disc spring

Disc spring, also known as Belleville spring washer, has conical disc shape. It can be used individually, in series or in parallel. It bears static or dynamic loads along the axial direction at the upper and lower outer edges. It is compressed and deformed until it is flattened. It can be used as live loads in the form of stored energy. When necessary, it automatically converts into additional compression load needed for sealing, so as to reduce the continuous requirement of tightening in gasket and filler use.

According to DIN 2093 and (GB/T 1972-2005) standard, disc spring manufacturing process for the thickness is divided into three categories:
The first type: thickness t < 1.25 mm, punching, cold forming, to wear away angle.
The second type: 1.25 mm ≤ thickness t ≤6 mm, punching, cold forming, inside outside diameter processing to grinding flat or excellent punching, cold forming, remove the edge of angle.
Third type: 6 mm ≤ thickness t≤16 mm, casting embryos, surface all processing to grinding flat and punching, cold forming, inside outside diameter processing to acute angle or fine punching, torsion spring cold forming, constant force spring acute angle.

Disc spring Supplier

Material  50CRvA/ 51CRv4/ H13/ H17/Carbon steel/ Inconel 750
Size  0.2-90mm
Surface Zinc/ Nickel/ Chrome/ Phosphate-plated, Electrophoresis Coating ,  Oxide coating.
Applications Industries,Automotive,Machinery,Electronic,Toy, Railway
Packing Inner packing :plastic bag ,carton, Outer packing :Pallet, Wooden case
Delivery Time Sample Order :5-7days , Big Order :25-30days
Payment terms Sample Order : Western Union, Big order: T/T, L/C
Type of shipping By sea, air, express.
Processing craft Material purchased-production-heat treatment-surface treatment-package-shipping.


load transfer concentrated
small size, big load
large deformation energy per unit volume
strong buffer and vibration absorbing
combination of convenient
Replace ordinary spring in the case of smaller space, higher requirements of load,especially adapted the design needs of devices miniaturization,multi-functional.

Order Information
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Disc spring construction

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