Gas Springs

Gas Springs

Gas springs are industrial accessories that can support, cushion, brake, height adjust, and adjust angles. It consists of the following components: pressure cylinders, piston rods, pistons, seal guide sleeves, fillers (inert gases or oil-gas mixtures), in-cylinder control elements and external cylinder control elements (controllable gas springs) and joints. The principle is to inject an inert gas or oil and gas mixture in a closed pressure cylinder, so that the pressure in the cavity is several times or several times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure difference produced by utilizing the cross-sectional area of the piston rod is smaller than the cross-sectional area of the piston. To achieve the movement of the piston rod. Because of fundamental differences in principle, gas springs have significant advantages over common springs: they have relatively slow speeds, little change in dynamic force (generally within 1:1.2), and easy control.

When the gas spring acts, the piston rod can be moved by using the pressure difference existing on both sides of the piston. Gas springs have different structures and types to meet different usage requirements. Compressed gas springs are mainly used on construction machinery. These types of gas springs mainly play a supporting role. There are only the shortest and longest two working positions,it can not be stop by themself during the working.

Gas Spring Supplier

Name  Gas spring/ gas strut/ gas lift/ gas stay / gas support
 Quality  1. SIRA International Authentication institute
 2. ROHS certificated by SGS
 3. ISO9001:2008 International Quality System
 Use Industrial equipment series, cars series, train series, furniture hardware, medical machine, sport machine, engineering machinery, bus station lamp box, etc
 Material   Steel / stainless
 Color   Silver / black / others
 Connector Ball connector / metal eye / clevis and so on

Connector fittings be made as your requirement according to different usage & different areas

 Advantage 1. long use lifetime guaranteed , 20,000 cycles a year
2.Excellent paint surface. Surface finish: Nickled-plate, chromed-plate, powder paint, oven paint, Galvanized, oil anti-rust, etc.
3. we can supply samples for free.
4. Competitive price
5. Fast delivery .
Length can be cut upon your request. The size can be made according to  the customer requirement.

OEM orders are welcomed